Logiplex WMS

Healthcare - Challenges

  •  Supply Chain constitute 50-60% of the costs in hospitals
  •  Inventory management
  •  End-to-end Visibility of drug movement from procurement to consumption
  •  Expiry of drugs and replenishment

Healthcare - Advantages

Process-specific benefits include:

  •  More efficient order replenishment
  •  Efficient inventory management for reduced costs
  •  Faster inventory availability from manufacturer to hospital
  •  Better monitoring and management of products with a short shelf life
  •  The integration of standard supply chain data into other everyday processes inside the hospital walls provides
        incremental benefits beyond the traditional supply chain, including:
    •  Improved price capture
    •  Efficient inspections, compliance reporting and maintenance scheduling
    •  Better asset utilization
  •  Manufacturers, Distributors and Shipping
  •  Reduced costs by accurate
    •  Ordering and pricing
    •  Consistent administration fees, rebates and charge backs
    •  Picking in the warehouse
    •  Shipment tracking and deliveries
  •  Improved speed and accuracy in forward and reverse logistics
    •  Better product traceability
    •  Faster and more targeted recalls Reduced capital expenses
  •  Improved management and utilization of assets
  •  Priority handling of critical products
  •  Cost-effective inventory takes — and more inventory turns